The Creative Primal Serpent – part 2

by Michael Colantoni

During excavations in Mexico symbolic representations of God were found. They give apt and clear illustration of this truth and of these various forms of divine manifestation at the different levels of creation. At the base there is a serpent or sometimes a dragon, that is sexual energy: Kundalini. On it stands a man’s figure which symbolizes the body – sustaining, emotional, mental and intuitive manifestations, and at the very top, above the man, is a radiant face, the face of God, the symbol of pure spiritual, divine self-awareness: God! How could one have better depicted the truth of the various manifestation forms of one and the same deity?

Man alone is capable of attaining consciousness at all levels of creation and of embracing all the manifestation levels in a divine universal consciousness. This is because man alone has in his body the organs corresponding to the various forms of creative energy. These organs are able to bear, as the matching resistance, the different vibrations and frequencies of the various forms in which the universal, creative energy is manifested. Just as the organs are suited to receive these vibrations and frequencies from the universe, so, on the other hand, are they also capable of emitting these creating energies. These organs are the most important nerve and brain centers which transmit the vibrations of the various creative energy forms to the corresponding glands closely linked to the centers in which the transformation takes place. In the man who is at the lowest level of his humanity the majority of these nerve and brain centers are still in a dormant condition. His degree of consciousness is accordingly low and primitive. The path of his development lies in mastering and activating each succeeding centre until all the nerve and brain centers have been activated and man has made the whole scale of creation, including the Creator, conscious in himself.

The fuel with which man can heat and activate his latent nerve and brain centers, somewhat like a radio valve, is the sexual energy which he bears in his body. As long as man remains at a low level of consciousness he is not master of his sexual energy, but rather its servant. He is still completely its slave and at its mercy. Therefore he never even suspects that this energy embodies a secret, that his own sexual energy can open the door to spiritual power, that with the help of this energy he can attain consciousness in his divine Self and in God and thence acquire immortality, ascendancy over matter and over the whole of Nature. Through this he has found the secret key to the philosopher’s stone, he has become a white magician.

The medieval alchemists, the Rosicrucians, who were great initiates, repeatedly point out in their curious writings, in which the naked truth is always avoided, that the substance from which the philosopher’s stone can be made is very easily found and all human beings are in possession of it. They wished to protect their knowledge from the vulgar who even then would have turned everything to mischief and out of sheer ignorance abused the secret of sexual energy for depraved perversions. At the same time, however, they wished to pass on the key to this secret only to such people as were sufficiently mature not to abuse it. They wished to direct men of intelligence to the right path where they should look for the secret in the hope that some would find it. It is quite clear from their writings that the substance for the philosopher’s stone is to be found in man himself. Merely this harmless clue led to dreadful cruelties. We know from medieval court records that lords who wanted to make the philosopher’s stone regarded human blood as the secret substance, for they interpreted the Rosicrucian writings to mean that the stone was to be formed out of a human being. Thus with unbelievable cruelty they slaughtered their serfs wholesale in order to obtain the substance from their bodies. In their ignorance these lords, like the Apostle Paul’s ‘natural men’, the unaware, ignorant ‘dead’ people, never realized that the matter was much simpler than they thought. They should only have remembered that the source through which all earthly life is transmitted is sexual energy. The source of life, the famous elixir of the Rosicrucians, is therefore something we bear within us! From this source flows a current, life itself, ‘which is fire, but flows like water’. What better definition could they have found of the kind of energy that flows like electricity or water into our nervous system, yet is not water but fire; therefore as literally stated in the Rosicrucian writings, ‘a fiery water, the watery fire’ is ‘a current of fire, which flows like water’. The ignorant man uses this ‘individual source’, usually his sexual, vital energy, in the pursuit of erotic pleasures and without desire to procreate. He does not realize that if he were not to expend the vital current which flows from his ‘individual source’, but to preserve it for his own body and to use the life-source for himself, he could kindle and activate his higher energy centers, the chakras, and thereby obtain mastery over them. If he were to use the vital current for his own body, as the will demands, he could then endow his body with new life, regenerate it and even attain the immortality of the cells known to the Rosicrucians as transmutation. Through the higher spiritual centers he could creatively use sexual energy, converted into creative spiritual power, to serve himself and at the same time share in the labour of spiritualising our world. In order to possess himself of this secret, it is absolutely essential that a man has a superior morality and attitude to life! And since these are exceedingly rare, the ‘alchemists’, the Rosicrucians and other initiates spoke only in symbols or not at all.

Today, in contrast to that age, we have reached the stage where these things must be discussed in order to awaken man’s morality. And this not for reasons of sentimental religiosity, but rather for general, human ones, since God so created the spiritual constitution of man that if he resists the inner moral laws inherent in all men he will inevitably bring misery, despair and spiritual darkness upon himself. Men have misunderstood and misinterpreted certain truths discovered by great psychiatrists. And, what is worse, confused by the errors which semi-ignorant charlatans disseminate, they abuse their sexual energy by treating it more and more as a merely physical phenomenon and employing it almost exclusively for erotic pleasures. This attitude is fraught with such great danger that we wish to try and arouse the attention of those seekers and in particular of the young people led astray by the erroneous interpretation of ‘repression’, ‘liberation from spiritual and physical inhibitions’ and of ‘freedom from inhibition’. We do this even though we know for certain that many people will again use the secret of sexual energy for degenerate perversions. It must be said quite frankly that sexual energy can be used for much higher purposes than merely relieving with erotic experience the boredom arising from one’s own infinite emptiness. Sexual energy is divine creative power itself. It can be used for heaven or hell. But if it is used for hellish purposes it strikes back and plunges its abuser inexorably into hell.

Perhaps there will be some among the many misled young people and adults who will lend an ear and, perhaps at first out of sheer curiosity, risk an experiment for at least a certain time. In the course of these experiments they will garner such profound experiences that they will once and for all set foot on the path of truth and never again swerve from it. And there will certainly also be many people, indeed there are already, who will undertake this labour out of a true sense of longing for God. If only a few are thus led to the right path, this book will have fulfilled its purpose.

In order to conduct the experiments properly and to form any idea at all of what they are about, we must first make ourselves familiar with a few things and turn them over in our minds. For this book also sets out to show the way of tried and proven practice. Christ prophesies in the Bible that a time will come when the mysteries of truth will be proclaimed upon the housetops. There are a number of striking indications that this time has come. The point has been reached where the truth about sexual energy must be disclosed. What men make of it depends on their moral maturity. After all, nuclear energy can be used for better purposes than the making of weapons man plans to use for his own annihilation! In the same way it is possible to use sexual energy for heaven or hell since it is the divine creative power or logos, the essence of man himself. When man has taken hold of spiritual, magical power and thus attained supremacy, it rests with himself whether he becomes a black or a white magician!

Elisabeth Haich: Sexual Energy and Yoga – Ch3 The Creative Primal Serpent pp43-47 (Aurora Press 1982)