Inquiry into Reality

by Michael Colantoni

When the mind is burdened with a conclusion, a formulation, there is the cessation of inquiry. And it is essential to inquire, not merely as it is being done by certain specialists in the scientific or psychological field, but to inquire into oneself and to know the totality of one’s being, the operation of one’s own mind at the conscious and also at the unconscious level in all the activities of one’s daily existence: how one functions, what one’s responses are when one goes to the office, rides in the bus, when one talks with one’s children, with one’s wife or husband, and so on.

Unless the mind is aware of the totality of itself, not as it should be, but as it actually is – unless it is aware of its conclusions, its assumptions, its ideals, its conformity – there is no possibility of the coming into being of this new, creative impulse of reality.

– Krishnamurti, The Collected Works, Vol. X”,253,Choiceless Awareness