More Awareness – You call it jealousy, anger, greed

by Michael Colantoni

You can experiment with this for yourself very simply and very easily. Next time you are angry or jealous or greedy or violent or whatever it may be, watch yourself. In that state, ‘you’ are not: there is only that state of being. The moment, the second afterwards, you term it, you name it, you call it jealousy, anger, greed; so you have created immediately the observer and the observed, the experiencer and the experienced. When there is the experiencer and the experienced, then the experiencer tries to modify the experience, change it, remember things about it and so on, and therefore maintains the division between himself and the experienced. If you don’t name that feeling -which means you are not seeking a result, you are not condemning, you are merely silently aware of the feeling- then you will see that, in that state of feeling, of experiencing, there is no observer and no observed, because the observer and the observed are a joint phenomenon, and so there is only experiencing.

– Krishnamurti, The First and Last Freedom,175,Choiceless Awareness

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