Metaphysical Considerations

by Michael Colantoni

When we cast a glance around us, we find ourselves in a heterogeneous world with a keen struggle for life raging on all sides. All try to stay on here as long as they can and make their stay as pleasurable as possible. With most of us, this has become the very aim of our earthly existence. Our thought is solely riveted to this present life; it seldom goes beyond to know what lies on the other side. Instead of probing deep to the ultimate reality, we remain satisfied with phenomena or appearance. But if we would not be driven blindly, we must pause to reflect on ourselves and try to find out what we are and where we are going. There are several pressing problems which meet us on the very threshold of consciousness and demand a solution.

Professor Lekh Raj Puri: “Mysticism: The Spiritual Path” 1938 p3 (Opening paragraph of Ch 1)


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