Gnosis and the tap on the shoulder

by Michael Colantoni

From “The Gospel of Truth” – Valentinus

Quoted and commented in “Gnosis” by Rafael Vargas, p68-69

« 21,3 But those who are to receive teaching are the living, who are inscribed in the book of the living. It is about themselves that they receive instruction, receiving it from the Father, turning again to him. Since the perfection of the totality is in the Father, it is necessary for the totality to ascend to him. Then, if one has knowledge, he receives what are his own, and draws them to himself. For he who is ignorant is in need, and what he lacks is great, since he lacks that which will make him perfect. Since the perfection of the totality is in the Father, and it is necessary for the totality to ascend to him, and for each one to receive what are his own, he enrolled them in advance, having prepared them to give to those who came forth from him. »

Those inscribed in the book of the living are the resurrected adepts and the ascended adepts, that is to say, the different grades of perfect adept. (Rafael Vargas)

« 21,26 Those whose name he knew in advance were called at the end, so that one who has knowledge is the one whose name the Father has uttered. For he whose name has not been spoken is ignorant. Indeed, how is one to hear, if his name has not been called? For he who is ignorant until the end is a creature of oblivion, and he will vanish along with it. If not, how is it that these miserable ones have no name, (that) they do not have the call? Therefore, if one has knowledge, his is from above. If he is called, he hears, he answers, and he turns to him who is calling him, and ascends to him. And he knows in what manner he is called. Having knowledge, he does the will of the one who called him, he wishes to be pleasing to him, he receives rest. »

He who has the Gnosis is the only one whose name the Father pronounces and is ultimately called to know him. The first impressions begin to arrive, only when we begin to be conscious of our ignorance before the wisdom of the Father. But it is one thing to admit our ignorance and another very different thing to look hopelessly for his Wisdom and Love, because if somebody has gnostic knowledge it is from above. If one is called from above one should respond by turning toward ones interior so that from there, one could do his holy will in this world. (Rafael Vargas)

“If He would not help us, we would surely fail, and if we fail, He also fails.”
Samael Aun Weor

« 22,13 Each one’s name comes to him. He who is to have knowledge in this manner knows where he comes from and where he is going. He knows as one who, having become drunk, has turned away from his drunkenness, (and) having returned to himself, has set right what are his own. »