The Mind of Plato

by Michael Colantoni

The Platonic Dialogues are among the noblest productions of the human mind. They are not only an overflowing fountain of imperishable ideas, but they reveal to us the thoughts and reflections of a truly superior man. The heroic proportions of Plato’s intellect first commands our respect, later our admiration, and finally our affection. We come to know him as a venerable friend whose benevolent influence extends to us across the ages. He no longer belongs to Greece or the Periclean Age; he is a citizen of the world and of all time. It is a fair compliment to a man to say that he is good. True goodness is a grace of spirit and Plato was richly endowed with those qualities which most adorn the soul. He has been a great physician to the sickness of the soul, elevating the mind of man to the contemplation of those eternal laws and principles that sustain creation.

Henry L Drake, 1958 – The People’s Plato (Pub. Philosophical Library, NY)