Adeptship, Mystery Schools and the Art of Life

by Michael Colantoni

Adeptship is the state of complete spiritual maturity so far as this is possible to a member of the human family. Deficient in nothing necessary to a life of wisdom, the adept is sufficient to his own needs and capable of determining that course of personal action most likely to contribute to enlightenment. The adepts foreshadow the state of mankind when it will have attained the full release of its faculties and its powers. The adept is, therefore, the truly evolved of our species. Accordingly, the adepts, considered together as the citizens of an invisible empire of the philosophic elect, constitute the heroic elder brothers, the custodians and protectors of humanity. As the interpreters of the Mysteries, they are the true educators and illuminators. As the redeemed, the servants of Divine purpose, they comprise a powerful, creative and directive force in the world.
The science of life is, therefore, the supreme science, and the art of living, the finest of the arts. There have always been truth-seekers willing to acknowledge the sovereignty of the eternal over the temporal. These have dedicated themselves to the mastery of life, and have perpetuated from generation to generation the knowledge and skill they accumulated. This body of essential knowledge is the esoteric tradition. The institutions which perpetuated this tradition are the Mystery Schools, and the graduates of these schools are the adepts.

Henry L. Drake – Vice President, Philosophical Research Society, 1975
Foreword to “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” by Manly Palmer Hall 1928