Simple Magic – Our destiny and current reality

by Michael Colantoni

It is not important whether or not you believe in magic. It is not important whether you believe in a Divine Light operating positively and actively throughout our universe. What is important in this world, as in all worlds, is that we each have the opportunity to expand our consciousness and our awareness – and in the process learn something new. What is important is being able to open our minds to the potential that can be utilised individually to impact upon our environment with an effect that is both positive and enlightening. What is important in this world is that we each realise that there is more to us than the flesh and bones that make up our physical being, that there is something within each of us worth loving. It is this love of self which begins the process of transformation in our lives. It is what creates the miracles – the magic – the wonder of life.

Magic has been defined as a process to become more than human, to unveil the potential that resides and operates within each of us.

It is not a retreat or escape from life and the turmoils of our daily participation in the life process. Through magic – through opening and expanding our consciousness – we find the means to transmute those turmoils, to change them. We become capable of seeing the turmoils as teachings and thus do what the ancient magicians attempted. We turn the dross of daily life into the gold of greater awareness. Magic is a way of initiating ourselves into a greater awareness that enables our daily life to take on increased radiance.

An occult aphorism states that “Nature unaided fails.” Simply, this implies that natural life (and its processes) if left to themselves, isolated and limited by no impact from a higher type of consciousness, will only result in a commonplace thing; or on a more personal level, a commonplace person. The soul by itself if left to itself will eventually seek out its source, but the process can be interminably slow and painstaking. There are means though by which the soul can seek help and assistance in moving along its growth at an accelerated pace. Through higher guidance and expanding awareness we can unfold our soul into another life, a life more filled with love and light. This and this alone is true magic.

Ted Andrews (1952-2009)
From: Introduction – “Simplified Magic” 1989 (Llewellyn)

Ted Andrews