Look Within

“The Kingdom of God (Heaven) is within you.”

Jesus the Christ – Luke 17:21

Is there some part of that statement we cannot understand? How does the Church and its sacerdotal pretenders explain this statement to you? Have they? We are capable of understanding plain language. Let us read it and interpret it for ourselves. We do not need a priestly class to tell us the meaning of simple English. Jesus makes no reference to physical death being necessary to achieve our eternal reward. That already lies within you, now, in your physical existence as a human. That is what he said. Do you not accept his guidance? So, presumably, all you need is instruction on how to find it and to experience it where he says it is. That is the question one needs to ask – How do I go within myself and find it, now, here, as a human being, during this lifetime? There is nothing to believe. One finds out for one’s self and proves the truth of it by direct experience.