When Man Becomes

by Michael Colantoni

The accomplishments of the mind, gigantic as they may now appear, are as the play of little children when compared to the possible triumph of the liberated soul. If every brain in the world were working at full capacity, even then the achievements of the intellect would be as nothing when compared to what may be done by mind and soul working together under the full light of spiritual illumination. When man has subjugated his passions, brought his mind under the control of spirit, when soul stands unfettered and undimmed, it is then and then only that he will begin to get some idea of his exalted birthright.

The world has always gazed with awe upon a miracle. But to the highly developed man, the Master, miracles are like the play of children, as when a child blows bubbles. The real Master can manipulate the forces of nature as a mechanic manipulates the levers of his machine. He is master of those forces. They must obey him. He is no longer a helpless drifter in nature’s vortex. But how fallen from his high estate is the average man! How pitiable his plight! Bent as a twig by every breeze that blows, a prey to every hostile creature that crosses his path, a victim of poverty, disease, pain, death, he doesn’t know that he is a god clothed in rags! He is master of the universe, going about begging a crust of bread. He is a king, prostrated before his own servants. He is a prisoner, walled in by his own ignorance. Would he be free? He has only to walk out of his self-constructed prison: “None holds ye, but yourself,” says the noble Buddha.

Dr. Julian Johnson – The Path of the Masters, p25-26

path of the masters