A Person’s Duty in Life

by Michael Colantoni

A Person’s Duty in Life

1.        Be RESPONSIBLE for herself.

2.        Carry out her REAL and NECESSARY obligations in this world

3.        Search for realisation of the TRUTH of existence.


1. She must support herself, assume total and sole responsibility for her behaviour and well-being, and pursue her own self-development with determination, cheer and introspection. She must hold no-one else responsible for the outcomes in her life. She must always look for the cause within her own consciousness. She must never give up.

2. She must be careful and selective about the obligations she takes on. She must not avoid those that are hers but she must not assume those that are not. She alone must determine what are her responsibilities, without deference to others who would convince her or condition her against her own judgement. She must challenge all preconceptions, accept her own true conclusions and act with total integrity. She should minimise unnecessary obligations that would distract her from or prevent the proper pursuit of her correct purpose. This must be enforced with charity.

3. Discovery and realisation of the TRUTH of existence is her one correct purpose. This requires knowledge, contemplation and realisation of her true IDENTITY and her relation to REALITY. Pursuit of this truth is her one REAL obligation.


A life lived in honest dedication to these principles is a success.