Is and As

by Michael Colantoni

1959 San Diego Special Class
Tape 271 Side 2
Specific Principles – Part 4 of 5
By Joel S. Goldsmith

IS and AS

Never forget, God is your true identity, and God is in the midst of you. You need no longer seek for God or for truth. You can read and enjoy any passage of truth that may be presented to you. It may be in this Bible, it may be in the Koran, it may be in the Vedanta, it may be in the Hindu writings, the Chinese writings, the Japanese writings. It will really make no difference to you, for in all of them you will find certain passages of truth, and you will love them and they will inspire you and they will be renewed life to you. So it is that you no longer have to read for your life, for your health, for your supply. Read only for inspiration because all truth came out of illumined consciousness.
Therefore, all truth has the presence and power of God in it, and that is why we can so often receive healing when we are reading passages of truth or scripture, because every such passage carries the consciousness of the writer. That is why certain books in the metaphysical world will live forever, and others die a very fast death. Some come out of illumined consciousness, and in every generation there will be those appearing to find them. Others are just written out of the mentality of people who read them somewhere else and had the gift of writing them down again. They have no substance in them, no spirit in them, no consciousness in them, and as you read them you realize they are nothing but words – black print on a page – and you drop them and let them go.
But every book that has come out of illumined consciousness carries with it the consciousness of the one who wrote it. That is why the Master could say, “My words will never pass away” – even if they’re not written down. The words that he was referring to were the words that had been given him of God. He had voiced them, placed them in consciousness, and they would never be lost. They would be picked up by other consciousnesses tuned in, and it has proven to be that way.
Paul is the first one, Saul of Tarsus, of whom we have record who picked it up. Saul of Tarsus, in his illumination, received the words of Jesus Christ, even though Jesus Christ had been gone from the earth for thirty years. The next one of whom we have definite record is John, who wrote the Gospel of John. Now that manuscript of the Gospel of John is dated, 98 A.D.. Therefore, it is unlikely that it was received while Jesus was on earth. Therefore, John says, “I was taught of Jesus, and I received these words of Jesus.” Yes, but Jesus has been gone for sixty years. But that illumined consciousness and the words remain for all time to be picked up, and Jesus knew that. He knew that if you destroyed the manuscripts – the “temple” of those words – the words would remain and would be picked up.
As you read the mystics, and I have told our students of a most wonderful book, The Oxford Book of Mystical Verse, or The Oxford Book of English Mystical Verse, published by The Oxford Press, England and New York, and in it are these inspired poems and inspired verse of the great mystics, all collected into one volume. As you read these, and read how many centuries separated these authors, these writers, you will discover a mystery. They all say the same thing: I am the life . . . of the tree . . . or I am the life of this brook that is flowing, or I am the life of the birds. I am is the subject of every mystical poem, and not one of these people merely wrote poems repeating what they learned. Oh no, no. There was lots of that done. These particular ones are the writings of actual mystics.
So it is that your life only begins in the moment when you realize I am. That is why you will find in The Infinite Way writings that there is one word in it that is important above all other words. There is a second word, which is secondary to the first one, but the first one is the only word of complete importance. When you have that word, you have all the truth that has ever been revealed. That word is IS. You will understand this if you will remember that you are living now. You are not living five minutes ago. You are not living yesterday, you are not living tomorrow, you are not living five minutes from now, and you never will, and you never can. The only time you can live is now. It is now that all that concerns you is . . . In this moment, life is yours, intelligence is yours, love is yours, being is yours, harmony is yours, grace is yours, eternality is yours, immortality is yours, truth is yours. But only now, only now.
This can’t be true five minutes from now because five minutes from now will never come to you. It will always be now, and it’s in this “nowness” that you have your “isness.” God is your life now. Good is your life now. You cannot attain these; you can only realize that now these exist. I am now. Peace is now. All that God is, I am now. All that the Father hath is mine now. The place whereon I stand is holy ground now. This IS is the secret of life – not looking back to yesterday because you cannot live yesterday.
Regardless of your triumphs of yesterday, they are gone, and all of your failures and sins of yesterday are gone. Why bring them back to conscious remembrance? The future, you will never be able to live. It is only now that you can experience life. Therefore, it is only now in which you can experience God. There is no God to be experienced in the future. There is only now, and in the now, God IS. God is in the very midst of you. God is the very life of your being. God is omnipresence; there is no other presence. God is omnipotence; there’s no other power. God is omniscience; there’s no other wisdom. And so you see that when you bring your life down to IS, you will understand I AM. I am, now.
The other word that makes up the message of The Infinite Way is the word AS, because there is no me, separate and apart from God. Therefore, it must be God, appearing as me, God appearing as life, God appearing as supply, God appearing as home, companionship. That is why, in The Infinite Way, when you have made the realization of God, you have made the demonstration of your supply in every form. There is no supply separate and apart from God. There is no companionship separate and apart from God. There is no home separate and apart from God. Therefore, when you demonstrate God, you demonstrate right there your supply. If you attempt to demonstrate health or supply, you are thinking of something other than God, or separate and apart from God, and you can’t achieve it.
It is only by demonstrating the presence of God that you find that your health and harmony and wholeness and completeness and perfection and companionship and home, and all the rest of these things is included. That is why you can never seek safety. You can never seek security. If you do, you wreck your spiritual life, because there is no safety and there is no security, except in the demonstration of God. Always remember, when they throw bombs around, those bombs will hit anybody that isn’t in God. You may think that a safe, cement box under your walk will be your safety, but you may get trapped in it, as many others have been.
You may even believe that a certain amount of dollars in the bank will be your security. Dollars have wings, so have pounds and marks and francs. Don’t depend on them. Enjoy them, have them, but never believe that a certain amount of them represent security because too many people have had that amount and more and found that it wasn’t security. But when you realize that I is the bread, wine, and water, the supply, the safety, the security, all of the things – even dollars – will appear outwardly as a manifestation of your realization that I am supply – not dollars, pounds, francs – these are not supply; these are symbols of supply. But if these were all taken away from the world, as they have been taken away from many countries, those who are dwelling in the realization of I in the midst of me, will find that immediately their supply will begin to unfold in the picture.
End Part 4