The New Horizon

by Michael Colantoni

The New Horizon

The sense which presents pictures of discord and inharmony, disease and death, is the universal mesmerism which produces the entire dream of human existence. It must be understood that there is no more reality to harmonious human existence than to discordant human conditions. It must be realized that the entire human scene is mesmeric suggestion, and we must rise above the desire for even good human conditions. Understand fully that suggestion, belief or hypnotism is the substance, or fabric, of the whole mortal universe, and that human conditions of both good and evil are dream pictures having no reality or permanence. Be willing for the harmonious as well as the inharmonious conditions of mortal existence to disappear from your experience in order that reality may be known and enjoyed and lived.

Above this sense-life, there is a universe of Spirit governed by Love, peopled with children of God living in the household or temple of Truth. This world is real and permanent: Its substance is eternal Consciousness. In it there is no awareness of discords, or even of temporary and material good.

The first glimpse of Reality—of the Soul-realm—comes with the recognition and realization of the fact that all temporal conditions and experiences are products of self-hypnotism. With the realization that the entire human scene—its good as well as its evil—is illusion, come the first glimpse and taste of the world of God’s creation, and of the sons of God who inhabit the spiritual kingdom.

Now, in this moment of uplifted consciousness, we are able, even though faintly, to see ourselves free of material, mortal, human and legal laws. We behold ourselves separate and apart from the bondage of sense, and in a measure we glimpse the unlimited boundaries of eternal Life and of infinite Consciousness. The fetters of finite existence begin to fall away; the price tags begin to disappear.

We no longer dwell in thought on human happiness or prosperity, nor is there any longer concern about health or home. The “wider, grander view” is coming into focus. The freedom of divine being is becoming apparent.

The experience at first is like watching the world disappear over a horizon and drop down from before us. There is no attachment to this world, no desire to hold onto it—probably because to a great extent the experience does not come until a great measure of our desire for the things of “this world” has been overcome. At first we cannot speak of it. There is a sense of “’Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended”—I am still between two worlds; do not touch me or make me speak of it because it may drag me back. Let me be free to rise; then, when I am completely free of the mesmerism and its pictures, I will tell you of many things which eyes have not seen nor ears heard.”

A universal illusion binds us to earth—to temporal conditions. Realize this, understand this, because only through this understanding can we begin to lessen its hold on us. The more fascinated we are by conditions of human good and the greater our desire for even the good things of the flesh, the more intense is the illusion. In proportion as our thought dwells on God, on things of the Spirit, the greater the freedom from limitation we are gaining. Think neither on the discords nor on the harmonies of this world. Let us not fear the evil nor love the good of human existence. In proportion as we accomplish this is the mesmeric influence lessening in our experience. Earth ties begin to disappear; shackles of limitation fall away; erroneous conditions give place to spiritual harmony; death gives way to eternal life.

The first glimpse into the heaven of here and now is the beginning of the ascension for us. This ascension is understood now as a rising above the conditions and experiences of “this world” and we behold the “many mansions” prepared for us in spiritual consciousness—in the awareness of Reality.

We are not bound by the evidence of the physical senses; we are not limited to the visible supply; we are not circumscribed by visible bonds or bounds; we are not tied by visible concepts of time or space. Our good is flowing from the infinite invisible realm of Spirit, Soul, to our immediate apprehension. Let us not judge of our good by any so-called sensible evidence. Out of the tremendous resources of our Soul comes the instant awareness of all that we can utilize for abundant living. No good thing is withheld from us as we look above the physical evidence to the great Invisible. Look up! Look up! The kingdom of heaven is at hand!

I am breaking the sense of limitation for you as an evidence of My presence and of My influence in your experience. I – the I of you am in the midst of you revealing the harmony and infinity of spiritual existence. I—the I of you—never a personal sense of “I”—never a person—but the I of you—am ever with you. Look up!

The Infinite Way : Chapter 11 – The New Horizon

By Joel Goldsmith