Venture to the Interior

by Michael Colantoni

We must shut our eyes and turn them inwards, we must look far down into that split between night and day in ourselves until our head reels with the depth of it, and then we must ask: ‘How can I bridge this self? How cross from one to the other?’ … A gulf bridged makes a cross; a split defeated is a cross. A longing for wholeness presupposes a cross, at the foundations of our being, in the heart of our quivering, throbbing, tender, lovely, love-born flesh and blood, and we carry it with us wherever we journey on, on unto all the dimensions of space, time, unfulfilled love, and being-to-be.

That is sign enough … The beating and troubled heart can rest. In the midnight hour of the crashing darkness, on the other side of the night behind the cross of stars, noon is being born.

Laurens van der Post – Venture to the Interior (1979)

laurens van der post